The Evolution of Field Service in Singapore

Field service used to be complicated for many businesses. Communication between the office and the field was not as effective as it should have been. Instead, much time was wasted for information to be sent to the office, and a waiting period before the office decided on the right course of action. During this period, the work in the field is slowed down. This back and forth affected the ability of companies to meet set deadlines, especially those in the construction industry.

Prompt communication

Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems helped field service in Singapore. Today, the office and field staff are in constant contact. This has made it easier for the field and the office staff to be on the same page when it comes to the occurrences in the field. This has helped to ensure the client does not get two versions of the happenings since the office is always informed of everything that is happening.

Proper planning

One of the difficulties that the field service experience is the breakdown in communication between the suppliers, the office, and the field. This has led to unnecessary delays, especially when it comes to supplies. Microsoft Dynamics Navision has made it possible for all the parties involved, including the vendors to communicate on the same application. This ensures the orders are made, approved, and delivered as expected without delays caused by miscommunication.

Records of payment

When working with other vendors, sometimes issues of payment may cause trouble with the field service staff. The use of Microsoft NAV has simplified and streamlined the payment process. This software has helped companies that have the field service component to remain updated on the quantity of materials delivered by vendors, the cost, and the amount paid. If any disputes arise, all the parties can access the reports in the system.

Improved scheduling

Record keeping, including the list of shifts for field staff, is open and available to the employees that have access to the Microsoft NAV system. In case there are last minute changes, it is easier to get another member of staff to step in due to the open communication channel.

Real-time guidance from technicians

The need for technicians is not uncommon in the field. Some of the machines that are used by the field staff may develop problems that will need to be checked by a professional. Sometimes the technicians may not be required to go to the field to sort out the challenge physically. Microsoft NAV makes it possible for the field staff to discuss troubleshooting possibilities with the experts remotely. This has made it possible for work to progress as scheduled and has been a cost-saving measure since the technician only goes to the field when he needs to.

Integration with other systems

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be integrated with all the other systems in the business. Since it can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the company, Microsoft NAV has made it possible for many companies to be innovative. For example, making it possible for clients to keep track of their goods during the shipping process. This prevents them from getting anxious and creates transparency that many clients value.

There is no doubt that Microsoft NAV has transformed field service in Singapore. It is more modernized now, and efficiency has led to increased productivity.

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