Enterprise resource planning a fast growing business trend

New business trends:

Business in the last few decades has seen many changes. Some changes have been drastic while others have been gradual. Some changes have been big while others have been small. Some changes have had immense impact on business while others have not left much of a mark. There has been an overhaul in the technological sphere. Technology and digital invasion has caused some major disruption in the business scenariothis technological invasion has only increased the pace of business and the way we look at things.

In the last few decades, the way business deals are carried out and finalized has seen a major change. For example, earlier people travelled to client site or client came over for a visit to finalize a deal. Now with the help of video chats business deals are discussed and finalized over skype. This has drastically decreased travel and logistic expense that one can add to the benefit reaped from that deal. Earlier account departments would be piled up with files and sheaf of papers. But now with the advent of many accounting software we see a drastic change in that as well. There are several data repositories that store massive amount of data.

ERP: the new trend

erp software singapore or enterprise resource planning software is a huge technological invasion that has happened to business over the past few years, maybe the past two decades. Companies like SAP and Oracle have made this huge disruption by introducing enterprise resource planning software suits. The major benefit of ERP software is that it ensures that all data from various sources and departments are stored in one platform and hence can be easily retrieved in the hour of need. It is because of such software that business is growing so fast.

ERP software has other added advantages. One major advantage of ERP software is that it can be carried anywhere and everywhere. This is possible due to the ERP apps that are now being developed vigorously. This ensures that your tablet or your mobile contains all the relevant data, all stored in one place, while you are preparing for a client meeting in a cab. This is indeed a major change that has been noticed in the past few years. In fact this is one of the boons of technological invasions. Hence ERP is surely on major trend that is here to stay for the next few years.

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