Want To Mingle And Learn In Small Groups? Check This Out!

Berlitz language training institute has provided the different formats and modules to learn new languages. The formats are like one-on-one sessions that which have a regular session and total immersion session where both are under the guidance of a native speaking instructor who pays 100% attention the only student for the class. But, the difference in both the modules is the duration of the course. The first module starts regularly and takes time in regards to the course which is customized to the student in all respects to the timetable which is also designed by the student.

The second pattern

The second pattern is about the full day session conducted by the instructor to learn the skills in short period at the interest of the student. Along with these sessions are the small group programs that are provided with an option of learning by sharing the opinions with similar skilled students. These group classes are economical if someone wants to learn at lower expense and are completely engaged in a package filled with fun, efficiency and proficiency. This course is mostly attracted by the students who need to learn some or other language as the part of their curriculum or in meeting other requirements.

This is an excellent opportunity to grab as the group is filled with people who have the same interest in common learning a new language. For example if a group of students are going from Singapore to study in Egypt, learning Arabic may be significant. Learning Arabic from an Arabic course in Singapore helps them get ready for the new culture and customs that wish them on their way. The small group learning is based on the two categories a group consisting of two to three people which is mostly a semi private one and the other is a group consisting of three to six people which is a small group.

In this group of semi private it is effective, fun and easy to learn as the group is formed by the student only. The student along with the family, colleagues or friends can form a group and learn the targeted language with the customized timetable. Also the learning will be fun as there requires no strange hesitations as the members in the group are already known by the student. Also, the schedule can be modified as per the choice of student. Berlitz is offering this at a very low cost as low as just $25 per student per lesson.

Group lessons

The other group shared by 3-6 students also works effective when the student wants to learn a new language on weekdays or weekends, twice or even once in a week. It all depends on the flexibility of the student and it is tailored as per the requirements. This is a great opportunity to meet various people from around the world who shares the same interest of learning a new language and helps makes good friends, learn the culture and customs of the counterparts. So if a student is interested in Arabic course in Singapore, it is just a call away to contact the Berlitz team .

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Does team building actually work

Opinions differ among experts over the question if team building activities actually produce the desired results. But the unanimous opinion among all of them is that team building workshop Singapore activities will certainly bear fruits if careful planning and lot of thought go into them. Let us have a look.

The intention of team building is to help members learn how to communicate properly. Not only that, if there is a good bonding among the members, they will collaborate and cooperate with each other instead of competing with each other. Further, during the activities, members will forget all the stress about deadlines and hence, these activities can be a great stress reliever. This means once such activities are over, members will attend to their work with rejuvenated enthusiasm.

If managers make it a point to choose those team building exercises that encourage members to learn problem-solving techniques, members will practically apply what they learn in their tasks. This will improve productivity of the whole organization.

Things to avoid in team building exercises

Managers should avoid choosing those activities that are not liked by a few members. For example, if an activity like trekking is planned, a few people may not like to participate in it, perhaps due to their health conditions or fear. Likewise, if an outing is planned, the destination chosen should be liked by everyone. Members should not be reluctant to come to the chosen spot. The aim of your team building activity is to connect the members with each other. On the contrary, if the activity itself creates a division among members, it may prove to be detrimental to the whole team.

Avoid one-size-fits-all activities

It is true that experts have come out with a number of team building activities but it is not necessary that you, as the manager, should adopt them as they are. They are only general guidelines and if you think that they can be one-size-fits-all activities, you can not be more wrong. You should therefore not hesitate to modify the activities so as to suit your team members. This involves understanding your team members thoroughly. You are the manager for the whole organization and so, you should develop your capabilities for studying the attitude and habits of your members.

Team building activities should be undertaken on a continuous basis

Team building is a continuous task and so, if you conduct an activity this year and plan another activity after two years, you can not accomplish your aim of building a cohesive team. In short, you should schedule activities regularly and periodically so team members can keep their motivation levels in tact and always work with the required enthusiasm.

If you keep these points in mind and introduce appropriate team building activities in your company, you can certainly derive immense benefits.

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Mandarin: the official language of Singapore

Singapore is one the most cosmopolitan cities of Asia. The population of Singapore is majorly comprises of immigrants from China. As a big chunk of the population comprises of the Chinese people, it goes without saying that Mandarin is widely spoken in Singapore. It is indeed one of the most widely spoken languages of Singapore. To live in Singapore a basic knowledge if Mandarin is mandatory. It would be extremely difficult to survive in the city without any knowledge of Mandarin. Thus, one must learn Mandarin in Singapore in order to have a smooth life in in the city which a perfect blend of Asian culture and Western modernity.

Singaporean Mandarin is classified into two distinct dialects-the Standard Singaporean Mandarin and the Colloquial Singaporean Mandarin. Standard Singaporean Mandarin is the official dialect of the language that is taught in government schools and is heard in radio and televisions, whereas Colloquial Singaporean Mandarin, also known as Singdarin is the dialect that is used by the common mass. The latter tends to be a mixed pickle of Mandarin, English and Malay.

Mandarin is the second most widely spoken language in Singapore after English. It came to be spoken widely by the Chinese population of Singapore after the ‘Speak Mandarin Campaign’ in 1979. It spread so widely that it has now replaced Singaporean Hokkien as the lingua franca of the city. As the language is now the second most widely spoken language in the city and also it lingua franca, one has to learn Mandarin in Singapore.

Especially for people who decide to shift to Singapore and live there, knowing the language that is widely spread in the city is a necessity. Also, without knowing the second most widely spoken official language of the city, one cannot expect to have smooth communication with the people of the city. Without communicating with the inhabitants of the city, it is not possible to survive in a new city.

Hence, to live a good life in Singapore one has to have a sound knowledge of Mandarin. Mandarin is an interesting language to learn, not only in Singapore but also as a global citizen. It would also help the people of Singapore to connect with the natives of their neighboring state of China. Connecting with China would be beneficial for Singapore’s commercial and industrial growth. Thus having a knowledge of Mandarin will not help to connect internally but also externally.

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Payroll: An important function

Any company or legal entity that hires employees have to maintain certain departments to keep their business up and running. In order to ensure a smooth work flow it is mandatory to maintain some departments in office-these departments are the recruitment department, the operations team, employee orientation department, position management department and most importantly, the payroll department. These departments are together called the human resource department. Of the different departments that comprise of the human resource department the payroll department is of utmost importance. The payroll team looks after the salary and compensation of the employees.

In the recent past, many companies have started outsourcing their payroll function. Outsourcing of payroll means hiring a third party vendor to maintain the company’s payroll function. Many small companies in Asia outsource their payroll. Singapore, being the commercial hub has many companies that act as third party vendors, looking after the payroll of another company. Thus payroll outsourcing is a very common practice.

Payroll is a cumbersome and time consuming task for business owners. Hence outsourcing payroll has many advantages. Firstly, it is a huge time and cost saver. It frees the staff of a company to invest his/her time for some more demanding task than payroll maintenance. Also, maintain a payroll team incurs a lot of cost for the company. Outsourcing it saves that cost. Also, the business owner is saved from calculating the deductions from the employee’s payroll, especially the taxes at the end of the year. Often these business owners have to pay penalties for delay or incorrect filing of payment. Outsourcing the payroll saves the employer from such headache. Thus it is always a good decision to outsource the payroll functionality to an efficient and reliable vendor who will take care of this task with utmost onus and care.

In Singapore, where entrepreneurs find their haven, small businesses are in plenty. For a startup, maintaining a payroll team is next to impossible. However, for the startup to thrive it is mandatory that the salary sheets of its employees are maintained accurately every month. Thus payroll is a great advantage to outsource in Singapore . Hence if you are interested to start your business in Singapore, there are plenty of companies and consultancy firms with the right skill to help you maintain your payroll duties. In this way you shall be free to pursue the greater goals for your business in a more focused manner.

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